I joined an eclectic gathering of humans in Belfast who all had an interest in design, tech and a want to make a difference. We got together to learn more and attempt to understand the issues of Climate Change. Why was it happening and can 'We' a group of people living in Northern Ireland do anything to make a differene. The venue for the night was the Belfast, Ormeau Baths. It's a hub for startups, entrepreneurs and creative businesses so you can imagine the type of people in the area are already inclined to spark creativity and tech solutions when they speak.  We got together in June 2019 to specifically to discuss the challenges ahead for the global issue of Climate Breakdown.

Post-It Notes and Design Thinking

The event was hackathon inspired, organised by Steven Hylands ( '@shylands') and lead by Product Tank founder Emma Mulholland ('@e_mulholland)

On the night Steven made an annoucement that he would be launching a global online fixathon inspired by the evening and encoruaged anyone to take their ideas on to the next stage.

Impact Makers #fixathon annoucement

Our idea

After our design thinking session, my group discussed: How can business use Tech + Design to make a better impact or make changes regarding the issue of the global  breaking down of the climate?

After an hour of discussion, drawing and diagraming,  we decided on a platform called BCORPS - Scores on the doors.  Or shortned and  colloquialised as 'wee corps'.

The idea/solution was the following:

Business in Northern Ireland could be more open. Capitalism needs redesigned. With this in mind we want to create a survey tool that makes business more open in Northern Ireland.  We want to encoruage business to achieve ethical evaluation starting by assessing their contributions towards climate breakdown.  

Northern Ireland along with the rest of the U.K  has a food hygen rating system called Scores on the Doors where any business that produces food is open for investigation and a rating/score out of 5 is given. The business is then given an embeded widget to embed on their website and a sticker to place on the front of their shop window.

It gives the public access to find out how hygienic and well-managed food preparation is at any of the 539,601 listed premises throughout the UK.

Our idea was to clone this system but apply it by analysing the carbon footprint of businesses, ultimately businesses would be given.

The idea was given out to the Impact Techmakers slack group and was offered up for anyone to take on as a Tech For Good project.

Twitter Feed from the night.