a start...

a start...

Let's be having you 2022.

Welcome to the first post of 2022. This piece aims to set the scene of what is to come with this new blog.  I’ve a lot to accomplish this year. I’ve a load of different ideas of things going on in my head and I honestly believe the best way to achieve what I aim for is to regularly write down those ideas, plan and progress.

This blog is about me, my thoughts and my future. I am to be as open as possible. Approachable and optimistic. If anything resonates with you. Please act on it.

I’d been thinking about what are my main goals for the year and after reading this piece by Patrick Finlay on leaving the company he co-founded. Reading this piece by Pat has helped me focus on the goal of writing. Later this month I’ll be taking part in a programme called Co-founders that’s run by a Northern Irish independent non-profit called Catalyst. Reading Pat’s post me and felt like future thought therapy as even though to date I have shouted the solo-founder, indie message. A big part of my goals going forward is to form a team to work both with me within Invisible Building but also on other projects and startups that I’ll be working on like Sugar, Indie and Yeooo.

At this point i’d like to highlight the main focus of this blog. The Caterogies that I’m going to be covered will be tagged with the following tags. Personal, UX, Startups, Dev, Fitness, DIY and Work.


This blog post you are currently reading falls under personal. Personal posts will usually be unplanned. They’ll most likely written live and you’ll get the deepest insight into my intuitive mind. I’d like to cover my journey into 2022, the wins, the progress and everything else. I’d love to say i’m going to daily blog but I don’t want to set targets like that. I’m honestly very happy that I’ve got this kicked off today and you’re reading this


Under this category of UX I’ll be talking about user experience design and by user experience design I really just mean design with a human focus on web products.  Service Design, UI Design, Ethics and aesthetics. I’m actually not a huge fan of the word UX and prefer to shout about human centred design. When you start thinking about your users as well users.


I love startups, I work with startups, I design startups and I'm working on my own startup. This year I'm also on two startup programmes, more of that soon. I'll be writing content lots this year on startups.


I'm a designer at heart, but a developer in the making. I'm more of a hacker than anything. But anything dev related, code or no code will be added in this section.


Lockdown weight, it takes it's toll. I'm going to blog in public with my gains, runs and wins. With maybe a bit of diet thrown in there.

Do it yourself

I'm a DIY man, this might invovled tech projects, this might also involve some housework, painting, hard hats that kind of thing. To be honest i'm just really into work wear at the moment.


I've been a fan of #buildinpublic, twitch streaming, periscope and more of years. I love sharing and enjoy both streaming for fun and also as a marketing tool to widen my audience. I'm keen to stream in 2022.

I’ve never been able to consistently write but anytime I write more than a paragraph or two about the thoughts in my head I really feel a sense of grounding. I really enjoy the process of writing, I'm very focused on work these days and therefore writing about work seems ideal.

All of the above and i've not even mentioned Bitcoin yet.