Hello, or as it's 2020... Dia duit.

Thanks for visiting my website.  I'm a designer from Northern Ireland. I'm always on the look for new and exciting work. Currently I am very focused on design as a product.  In the past I've been involved with service design, user experience design, graphic design and web design.

Back in 2007 or so I decided while sitting at a bus stop in the rain that I was going to become a designer, I made the decision because I looked around me and realised that everything around me had been designed, this has happened in the past and will always happen in the future.  Since that day I've been hustling my way through the industry. I went to design school in the walled city, a place called Derry near the very top of Ireland. During my study at Ulster University I consider myself very proud to have studied not only within the Foyle School of Creative Arts but also within the Faculity of Computing and Engineering where I took on several Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction and programming modules.  

Post university I decided that I wanted to focus on the web, I took on jobs as a Front End Web Developer and I've since worked for companies on projects for all shapes and sizes.

I love to work with startups, small businesses and creative individuals.